⮜ Survival ⮞

Become the ultimate survivalist, compete against challenges - bosses, raids, dungeons. Receive nice items, upgrade armor and survive for real.

⮜ Kingdoms ⮞

Experience factions in a new fashion. Use Kingdom resources - expand land, buy champions and upgrade defense turrets. Invade kingdoms or alliance to grow strong.

⮜ KitPvP ⮞

Challenge other players and dominate leader-board ranks, improve your pvp skill and obtain the best kits


Staff Applications

Staff / Mod - requires time spent on server (asking about apps will result in a denied app)



Searching for plugin & server developers. If you know how to code java and are interested in applying for a developer position please contact the Administration.



If you're a classic Youtuber or Streamer that has an interest in producing content (on the server) you may get a rank for being an active media uploader.


Player Invite

Rewards for inviting another player (with a different ip address)


Vote Links

Vote to recieve in-game rewards & grow the community



Here at ARCTIS we're very ambitious. We want to include more than just a server, our goal is to bring thrilling games and friendly communities together.

Meet the Staff

Think you can see yourself here one day? It takes experience and respect to make it on the team.

Lj1360 is the finest server moderator. Experienced in community psychology & supporting robust social developments. His job is to uphold a friendly atmosphere on discord and MC. Need Help? Ask Lj360 he is the best guy around

- LJ360 Mod

Gine is a server manager and developer while keeping the server thriving Gine acquired Owner role from the Founder. Experienced in management and design, his job is to maintain the server.

- Engineous_ Owner

Authoritative is talented in developing and resolving issues within the servers configuration. He has been a long time member of our server and he has become a vital member as server Administrator.

- Authoritative Admin